Permanent exclusion from school

3. Independent Review Panel

Independent Review Panel

If the Governing Body does not overturn the exclusion, you can ask for an Independent Review Panel hearing. Requests for a hearing must be

  • in writing and
  • made within 15 school days from receiving confirmation of the decision

The decision letter from the Governing Body will provide more details about the deadline and where you must send your review request.

At an Independent Review Panel meeting you can

  • present your case against the exclusion yourself, or
  • ask a friend or legal representative to speak for you

Independent review panels have the power to

  • uphold the exclusion decision
  • recommend that the Governing Body reconsiders the decision, or
  • reject the decision and tell the Governing Body to reconsider the exclusion

The decision of the panel is final. The pupil, parents, Governing Body, headteacher, local authority and (for an academy) the Academy Trust must all follow the decision.

Questions on exclusion review process

Contact the East Sussex School Appeal Service on

Telephone: 01273 482290 

Email: School Appeals

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