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League tables and Ofsted reports

Local and national test results

In January 2021 the government cancelled most of the summer 2021 tests and exams. The rapid rise in coronavirus (COVID-19) meant a new phase of national restrictions. Schools and colleges need to play their part.

This means there will be no test and assessment data from summer 2021. Ofsted and local authorities will not hold primary schools to account on their results for this period.

In January 2021 the Department for Education consulted on the approach to awarding GCSE, A S and A levels. The outcome: exam boards will ask exam centres to generate teacher assessed grades.

East Sussex County Council will continue to follow government guidance on publishing and using school performance data.

Ofsted reports

In the first national lockdown in March 2020, the government cancelled all routine Ofsted inspections.

Ofsted made interim visits to schools from September to December 2020. These visits did not result in a judgement. Ofsted worked with school leaders to understand the impact of COVID-19. They looked at the impact of the school’s actions to support the return to school for all pupils.

In January to March 2021 Ofsted monitored schools judged as ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’. Ofsted carried out these inspections remotely following COVID-19 restrictions. They ensured schools took effective action to provide education in the pandemic.

When COVID-19 conditions allow Ofsted will return to all inspections taking place on site.

Ofsted may visit any schools where parents raise concerns about remote learning.

Ofsted said the return to full inspections in 2021 will happen in phases. Graded inspections for education or social care providers will begin after the summer term.

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