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Hosting guests under the Homes for Ukraine scheme

5. Support for hosts

Monthly thank you payments

Once your guests have arrived, your local District or Borough Council will contact you complete the host payments application form.

Hosts are paid monthly. You will receive £500 per month if you host up to 5 guests, or £650 per month for 5 or more.

You will become eligible for monthly payments once your guests have been with you for 15 days. Payments are made for the whole month for as long as your guest is resident with you (up to a maximum of 3 years).

Guest absences

Sometimes guests will leave for a short period, such as to go on holiday, visit friends and family, or for employment opportunities.

If the guests are absent for a less than a calendar month, your host payment is not affected and you need take no action.

If they are absent for a calendar month or more, you will not be eligible for a payment for that month. You should inform us of the situation. Monthly thank you payments will resume once the guests have returned to live with you.

If guests leave for a planned period but do not return as expected, you should let us know as soon as you become aware. Let us know by email: Ukraine@eastsussex.gov.uk.

If you arrange to host a guest without the agreement of the local council then you won’t be able to claim a payment. This is because it will be outside of the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

Other support

You can tap into a lot of support, both through local councils and the community.

Homes for Ukraine contact centre

Can help with:

  • host payments
  • safeguarding concerns
  • signposting to more help

Email: ukraine@eastsussex.gov.uk or phone: 01273 337010.

District and Borough Councils

Can offer support and advice about:

  • benefits
  • housing issues
  • transport
  • local services

Contact details for your district or borough council.

Community and voluntary groups

They offer support for hosts and guests.

Support to prevent breakdown of hosting relationships

The Sustainment Service run by Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) can support you and your guests if you start to find your relationship is becoming difficult.

Mediation between hosts and guests

Free mediation and one-to-one support:

For mediation in your area, email:

More information

Further information and resources to help you in your hosting journey.

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