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Hosting guests under the Homes for Ukraine scheme

2. Become a host

If you would like to become a host, there are some steps you will need to take:

  1. Register your interest
    Central Government manage this part of the process.

  2. Complete the mandatory checks
    We manage this, but you will need to provide information and complete some parts of the processes.

  3. Tell us your guests have arrived

  4. Apply for the monthly thank you payments

Registering with Homes for Ukraine scheme

These steps are done at a national government level.

This form gives us the information we need about you and your household which enables us to identify which checks need to be carried out.  Starting these checks early helps avoid delays later down the line.


  • We will contact you to arrange the background (DBS) checks and checks against databases we hold. You may need to provide proof of identification at this stage.
  • East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service will contact you to arrange a property visit.

We do ask that you co-operate with the checking process. We can then complete the checks, confirm your registration and let you apply for the monthly thank you payments as soon as possible.

If it is found you do not meet the requirements or you fail any checks, the guest will need to find another host. We will help them with this.

We always do our best to keep hosts informed throughout the process. If you ever have any questions or concerns please get in touch.