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Hosting guests under the Homes for Ukraine scheme

4. When your guests leave

If you can host for longer than 6 months that is brilliant. We ask all hosts to continue until their guests are ready to move on, if possible.

However, we understand that not everyone can host for more than 6 months, and guests also might want to find their own place to live. Where that is the case, we ask you to work with your guests to develop a plan for how they will move on.

Many guests look to move into more independent accommodation after a while. This is likely to be private rental, but depends on the local rental market. Some guests also choose to leave the area and some return to Ukraine. Their visas allow for multiple entries to the UK so they are able to return if they wish or need to.

Some people need a little more time with a host before they are ready to move. In these cases, they may be “rematched” with a new host if the first arrangement comes to an end. We can support you with this, so please let us know by email if we can help: Ukraine@eastsussex.gov.uk.

When your guest is ready to leave, we will need you to complete the departures form:

This enables us to:

  • update our and the government’s records
  • make sure we stop your host payments to avoid overpayments and
  • ensure we continue to support your guests once they have moved on if needed.

It is your responsibility to tell us that your guests have left. If you continue to claim host payments knowing that your guests will no longer be living with you, we will take steps to reclaim these funds.