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Hosting guests under the Homes for Ukraine scheme

1. What is hosting?

Under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, UK residents provide accommodation to Ukrainians in their own homes (or in other properties they own).

Hosts are asked to allow guests to stay for 6 months, and longer if they can. In return, hosts can apply for a monthly “thank you” payment of £500 (£650 if you are hosting 5 or more guests). This will be paid to you direct by your local District or Borough Council.

Hosting aims to support Ukrainians and to help them build a life in East Sussex. We want them to feel safe to:

  • access language support, education and training
  • apply for benefits
  • register with a GP
  • secure school places for their children
  • start to develop social networks
  • look for work and plan their next steps.

Guests are all different and some will take longer than others to settle into life in the UK. Many guests move out of their hosts' home in 6-12 months, but this depends on them having an affordable home to move into and a steady job.

Once guests are matched to a suitable host and their visas are granted, arrangements can be made for them to travel to the UK and move in.

Hosts must complete some mandatory checks to ensure that their home is safe and make sure that they are a suitable host. These checks are carried out by local Councils in line with national Homes for Ukraine guidance.