Housing advice if you are under 16

I’m under 16 and I want to leave home – where can I go for help?

If you’ve had an argument with your family and are worried that you will have to leave home it can be a frightening time. Whatever your situation is, you can get help from the Children’s Services team at East Sussex County Council.

Phone or visit your local East Sussex County Council office. Tell them that you are under 16 and need some help as you are at risk of becoming homeless.

If you are at risk of becoming homeless, phone or visit a social worker from Children’s Services Single Point of Advice (SPOA) 

  • Telephone: 01323 464222

East Sussex County Council
St Mark’s House
14 Upperton Road
Eastbourne BN21 1EP.

What you tell us will be confidential, and we will only pass it on if we think you are in danger.

I’m already homeless – what can I do?

It’s not too late to see someone for help. Phone or visit a social worker at the Council and they will give you support and advice. See above for details of where to go.

What help can I expect?

The help you get will depend on your personal situation. Your parents or carers have responsibility for you, so most of the time we will try to help you return home. We will do this by using ‘mediation’, which is where we try and help sort out problems that you have with your parents or carers. We also help make sure that the same problems don’t come back again.

What if I can not resolve the problems with my family?

If we can’t help sort out the problems with your family, or if you are at risk of violence if you do go home, the social worker will look at other options. These may include:

  • living with a foster family
  • having a ‘family group conference.' This brings together parents, extended family and significant others. It aims to find a solution to stop you becoming homeless.

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