Leaving home

Having your own space with no parents to tell you what to do may sound like great fun, but the reality can be very different. Here are some things to think about before you make the decision to leave home.

How much will it cost?

Living on your own is very expensive. Some of the costs of living on your own include:

  • rent
  • food and drink
  • gas, water and electricity
  • council tax
  • TV licence
  • broadband and phone line
  • toiletries and cleaning products

Will you still be able to afford to go out or buy new clothes if you have all these things to pay for?

You may need to buy furniture if this is the first time you have lived on your own.

If you are planning on moving into your own flat or house, you will also need to provide a deposit and the first month’s rent up front. Have you saved up for this?  It is also likely that you will be required to provide a ‘guarantor.' This is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you don’t. Do you have someone who would be willing to agree to do this?

Looking after yourself

Living on your own also means looking after yourself. Can you shop for food and cook? Can you wash and iron your clothes and do the washing up?

Before you leave, stop and ask yourself: ‘Would I be able to look after myself if I lived on my own?’

How will I know when it’s the right time to leave?

It’s not a good idea to leave on the spur of the moment or in the heat of an argument.

The best time to leave home is always when you are ready, have made plans and have support from your friends/family to move back if it goes wrong.

Think carefully about where you want to live and if you have any specific needs like living on the ground floor or near a bus route. Moving out is a huge decision to make.

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