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Animal health and welfare

Trading Standards’ Animal Health Inspectors enforce farm animal health legislation. Their duties include:

  • inspecting farms, markets and vehicles
  • enforcing animal feedstuffs legislation and issuing ‘On farm mixers’ licences.

Preventing mistreatment of animals

Trading Standards enforce animal health, welfare and disease control legislation for livestock* on farms. This includes:

  • Routine inspections of farms, markets and vehicles.
  • Providing advice and guidance to farms.
  • Investigating complaints.
  • Providing assistance in managing outbreaks of notifiable diseases such as Avian Influenza. For the latest situation
  • Enforcement action where serious breaches are identified.**

* ‘Livestock’ refers to sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, deer, horses and poultry.

**  Any enforcement action will be taken in line with our published enforcement policy.

If you have serious concerns about the welfare of farm animals in your area, please contact our duty team. All correspondence will be dealt with in complete confidence.

If you are concerned about the welfare other animals, including pets, please contact the RSPCA.

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