Lifeline, monitors and alarms

We can provide sensors and detectors including Lifeline and key safes to help people continue to live safely and independently in their own home.

Contact us to check if you are eligible and apply for an assessment.

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More about the service

This service is called telecare. It includes:

  • Lifeline units linked to a variety of sensors and detectors which will alert you, a family member or carer, or our monitoring service, of an incident like a fall, gas leak, flood, power cut and much more. Lifeline can also be used to raise an alarm if you need emergency help.
  • key safes so that trusted people can enter your home. These safes have been approved by the police.
  • home security, to check if doors and windows have been left open and protect against bogus callers.
  • reminders to take medicines, eat and drink regularly and other tasks.

This equipment is easy to install. We will do this for you. You do not need a landline phone for it to work.

We will work with you to identify who is the most appropriate person to respond to an emergency.

Details about eligiblity

You may be eligible for this service if:

  • you have health problems
  • are frail, or
  • have a disability.

You may also be eligible for financial help. There is a small weekly charge of up to £2.85 for monitoring.

If you are not eligible, but want to find out more or receive this service another way, visit the Telecare Services Association website.