Applying for support

3. Working out costs and payments

Once we know what your needs are, we can work out the amount of money we think it will cost to meet them. This is the estimated budget required to meet your eligible social care needs. We call this a planning budget. We calculate it using the information you give us in your assessment.

It is important to note that your planning budget is just a guide to help you plan your support. It is not the amount of money you will definitely get.

Your support plan

You use your planning budget to put together a support plan. This says what your needs are and how you want them to be met. You can decide what you want to spend your budget on, as long as it helps you to meet the needs identified in your assessment.

When we have agreed your support plan we will work out your final budget. We call this your ‘personal budget’. This is the amount of money that it will cost to provide the support in your plan.

How to get help working out costs

We have to charge for most of our services. This means you may need to put some of your own money towards your personal budget. We will work out how much you need to pay using the information you give us about your finances during your financial assessment.

If you have to pay for all your own support, you are unlikely to receive a personal budget from us – but you can get help to make the most effective use of your money.

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