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Who can get help from Adult Social Care and Health

1. Who can apply?

Adult Social Care work with people aged 18 and over who live in East Sussex, such as those who:

  • want to stay living at home but are finding it difficult to cope
  • would like to get out and about, but are unable to do so due to a health condition or disability
  • need information on how to access more suitable accommodation
  • look after someone who couldn’t cope without their help


You could get help from us if:

  • You have care and support needs due to physical disability, mental impairment, or illness.
  • Your disability, impairment or illness stops you from completing everyday tasks such as washing and dressing, cooking and getting out and about.
  • This has an impact on at least two areas of your daily life.
  • Your wellbeing is significantly affected because you cannot achieve these tasks.

We will assess the impact your disability or health condition has on your daily life. To do this, we follow national rules set by the government. These ‘eligibility criteria’ are listed in full at the end of this fact sheet:

Factsheet: Who qualifies for our support?

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