Road mirrors

On public roads

Road or traffic mirrors on or around public roads are not permitted unless the site has a poor crash record and all other solutions have been explored. Drivers can misinterpret what they see and assume it is safe when it is not. Reflections may also be affected by poor weather or overgrown vegetation.

On private land

Property entrances where visibility is poor may be improved with a mirror, but the mirror must be on private land and:

  • be erected outside the limits of the Highway
  • cause no danger to any other road user either by glare from reflected sunlight, or headlights at night
  • not overhang the highway and obstruct vehicles, pedestrians or equestrians
  • have permission of the land owner
  • no costs or liability will be passed on to the Highway Authority

If a mirror causes problems for road users, we reserve the right to have it removed.

Anyone installing a traffic mirror may be liable if an incident occurs that can be related to the installation, even if it complies with the above conditions.

We strongly advise you to consult your own insurers, to clarify your personal position should a claim be made against you involving a mirror you have installed.

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