Crash sites in East Sussex

Each year we identify sites that have the most crashes that result in injury. We then study the causes of the crashes to see how we can reduce the number of casualties on the roads in East Sussex.

We use our crash data analysis system to identify where crashes are happening. Our system holds all personal injury crashes recorded by Sussex Police. In East Sussex, A crash site is where there have been four or more crashes in a three year period. We identify sites in urban areas, within a 25 metre radius. For rural areas we use a 50 metre radius. This is because crashes in rural locations are often spread out over a longer section of road.

We give priority to improving the sites which have the most crashes. We also give priority to sites that have the most fatal or serious casualties.

In 2021 we looked at crashes between January 2018 and December 2020. We identified 59 sites across East Sussex. Every year, we publish a list of the sites, together with their rank and the crash and casualty record. The number of sites this year is less than the previous year. This is a result of the COVID 19 pandemic when fewer motor vehicles were on the roads.

Crash Sites in East Sussex [196.0 KB] [pdf]

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