Uplands Academy coach timetables

Only board these coaches if:

  • you have an allocated seat
  • a travel permit has been agreed or issued.

We only publish morning timetables, the routes are normally reversed in the afternoon. Please contact the transport operator directly for likely afternoon return times if required.

Timetables can change during August. Please check them at the start of the new school year.

UP01 - Hams Travel - 01580 879537 - info@hamstravel.co.uk
Time Stop Name
08:00 Burwash, Strand Meadow
08:11 Burgham Farm
08:23 Havenhurst, Pashley Road
08:25 Gibbs Reed Farm, Pashley Road
08:35 School

UP04 - JRP Direct - 01435 515099 - info@jrpdirect.co.uk
Time Stop Name
08:01 Burwash, Bear Inn
08:04 Willingford Lane, Burwash Weald
08:05 Burwash Common, Vicarage Rd
08:09 Kicking Donkey, Witherenden Hill
08:10 Withereden Hill Farm
08:12 Stonegate Station
08:14 Link Hurst Cottage
08:15 Stonegate CE Primary School
08:25 School

UP06 - JRP Direct - 01435 515099 - info@jrpdirect.co.uk
Time Stop Name
07:37 Best Beech Hill, Buckhurst Lane
07:38 Frankham Farm, Mark Cross
07:41 Mark Cross, Mark Cross Inn
07:47 Mayfield, Middle House
07:50 Mayfield, Station Road
07:55 Argos Hill, Old Bicycle Arms
07:57 Trulls Hatch
07:58 A267/ Lake Street Junction
08:00 Lake Street/Little Trodgers Lane
08:05 Rushers Cross
08:07 Fountain, Tidebrook
08:08 Littlefold, Tidebrook
08:09 Riseden Road
08:25 School

Permit colours

Uplands Academy UP01 Turquoise
Uplands Academy UP04 Light Green
Uplands Academy UP06 Pink