Uckfield College coach timetables

Only board these coaches if:

  • you have an allocated seat
  • a travel permit has been agreed or issued.

We only publish morning timetables, the routes are normally reversed in the afternoon. Please contact the transport operator directly for likely afternoon return times if required.

Timetables can change during August. Please check them at the start of the new school year.

UCTC01 - RDH Coaches Ltd - 01444 470000 - info@rdhcoaches.co.uk
Time Stop Name
08:04 Wych Cross, Long Car Park
08:14 Fairwarp Crossroads
08:24 Maypole Inn, High Hurstwood
08:26 Hermitage Farm, Hurstwood Road
08:27 Arisaig, Hurstwood Road
08:47 School

UCTC03 - Regency Coaches Ltd. - 01273 477333 - office@regencycoaches.co.uk
Time Stop Name
08:08 Faulkners, Isfield
08:12 Buckham Hill
08:14 Laughing Fish, Isfield
08:15 Bocalvia, Isfield
08:17 Little Horsted, Wicklands
08:21 Horstead Place Hotel
08:29 Bradford Cottages
08:50 School

UCTC04 - Regency Coaches Ltd. - 01273 477333 - office@regencycoaches.co.uk
Time Stop Name
08:27 Hadlow Down Village Sign
08:31 Saxon Court
08:32 Pound Green
08:33 Littlewood Lane
08:34 Buxted Inn, Buxted
08:42 School
Note: two coaches run along this route to allow for the amount of pupils.

UCTC06 - JRP Direct - 01435 515099 - info@jrpdirect.co.uk
Time Stop Name
08:20 Halland, The Blacksmith's Arms
08:24 Thorntons Shaw, Palehouse Common
08:26 Easons Green Farm
08:27 September Farm
08:29 Hope Farm, Blackboys
08:30 Blackboys, High St
08:31 Blackboys, School Lane (top)
08:50 School

Permit colours

Uckfield College UCTC01 Orange
Uckfield College UCTC03 Pink
Uckfield College UCTC04 Yellow
Uckfield College UCTC06 Dark Green