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Online library services

Select and collect
Select up to 20 books online and collect them from your local library.
Search the catalogue
Browse the catalogue by title, author or subject and place reservations.
Login to your library account
Sign in to find your current loans, loan history or to reserve a book.
Join the library online
Joining the library is free, fast and easy. Join online now.
Renew your loans
How to renew books and other items from the library catalogue.
eBooks and eAudiobooks
How to search and download digital titles to read or listen to on your PC or mobile.
eMagazines and eNewspapers
How to read magazines and newspapers on your PC or mobile.
Online library help
Guide pages to walk you through searching, renewing or reserving titles.
Book a library computer
Most libraries have public computers. Book a session here.
Online reference library
Your local library has a range of digital tools that can help you with your research projects.
Libraries newsletter
Subscribe to the libraries newsletter and keep up to date with the latest news.