Byway users code of conduct

East Sussex County Council has worked with byway users and the East Sussex Local Access Forum to produce a code of conduct to help byway users:

  • Share BOAT's with walkers, horse riders and cyclists

  • Be more aware of problems they may encounter

  • Reduce their impact on byways

Code of Conduct

  • Give way to other users. Pull over, stop and switch off your engine for horses.

  • Only use your vehicle on paths that you have a legal right to drive on.

  • Keep to the defined path. If you come to an obstruction, turn back and do not deviate from the path. Report any obstructions to the Rights of Way Team.

  • Travel at a safe and unobtrusive speed. Drive at a speed which allows an immediate stop.

  • Reduce your speed further and keep engine revs to a minimum when passing livestock and animals.

  • Be road-legal. If you can’t drive your vehicle legally on a road, it can’t be used on a byway.

  • Watch out for wildlife. Public rights of way are a valuable habitat for flora and fauna – especially during the spring and summer.

  • Don’t travel on byways which are at risk of being damaged. Many byways are vulnerable to damage from vehicles – especially in severe weather conditions.

  • Don’t practice vehicle recovery techniques (for example, winching) on public rights of way.

  • Follow The Countryside Code - GOV.UK

  • Be prepared. Take a mobile phone, water, spare food and a first-aid kit for emergencies.

  • Don’t travel alone. Byways can be in very isolated countryside – travelling alone should be avoided.

  • Don’t drive in streams or rivers unless there is a right of way across them. Be aware of strong currents when using fords.

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