Climate change – what we are doing

Our targets and reports

Environmental Management Policy

Reports on greenhouse gas emissions from council buildings:

Reducing our energy consumption

We are trying to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Our target is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050, with an annual reduction of 3% each year (approximately the same as the County Hall’s emissions).

Because of the budget cuts, we have secured the following investment and funding to help us make these reductions:

  • Salix match funding – £855,477.91
    For projects that pay for themselves in less than five years and cost no more than £100 per tonne of CO2 saved to set up
  • Sustainable buildings – £350, 000
    An annual budget for funding energy-saving building improvements
  • Solarbourne framework agreement – £300, 000
    To cover the cost of installing solar panels at all our sites.

Reducing and recycling waste

Recycling reduces the energy used to make new products. Since 2000, we have reduced council waste going to landfill from our largest offices by around 53%, saving over 40 tonnes of rubbish from landfill.

Sustainable planning

When we prepare our local Development Plan Documents, we carry out Sustainability Appraisals to ensure that environmental as well as social, and economic considerations are taken into account.

For details, see our page on Sustainability Appraisal.

Staff travel

Council staff are entitled to discounted bus travel and season-ticket loans to encourage them to use public transport. Flexible working enables many staff to work from home, cutting down on the number of journeys on the roads.

We use hire cars so that staff can make business journeys without having to bring their own vehicles to work. Staff driving into work can join the car-share club.

Secure bike sheds and showers are available for staff who cycle to work.

Advice for businesses

We can provide businesses with environmental information, advice and training to help them reduce their environmental impact. This can reduce costs, improve profits and make sure they comply with legislation.

Read more about Green business.

What are local authorities doing nationally?

National guidance for local authorities:

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For more information or advice, please contact our Environmental Advice team manager:

Phone: 01273 481606
Email: Andy Arnold – Team Manager