Environment Strategy for East Sussex

The Environment Strategy for East Sussex supports our commitment over the next 15 years to protecting the environment, reducing carbon emissions and adapting to climate change.

Developed in partnership with a wide range of individuals and organisations, it identifies what is important about the environment and what we all need to do to look after it, while recognising the fact we are in difficult financial times.

Key aims of the strategy include:

  • minimising the amount of waste created and getting more waste re-used and recycled
  • reducing carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels
  • improving habitats to reverse and prevent the loss of plant and animal species
  • creating healthy seas and sustainable fisheries
  • promoting the use of open and green spaces for healthy and active lifestyles
  • promoting the economic value of the environment and its opportunities for growth in jobs and prosperity.


If you have any queries about the strategy, please contact our Environmental Advice team manager:

Phone: 01273 481606
Email: Andy Arnold – Team Manager


Environment Strategy for East Sussex
Outlines the facts and figures, key issues, objectives and planned actions for the ten guiding principles of the strategy.

Equality Impact Assessment – Environment Strategy for East Sussex
Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs) help us comply with the law and see what effect, or likely effect, policies will have on different groups in the community.