Applying during the school year

After you have found the right school for your child, please apply. We aim to process requests within 15 school days.

If a place is available for your child, the school will contact you directly.

Even if you’ve been told your preferred school is full you should name them in your application.

If the school does not have a place you have a right to appeal or join a waiting list.

Thinking of switching school?

You may be thinking of changing schools because your child is experiencing problems at their current school.

Before you apply, we strongly recommend that you discuss the matter with the headteacher and staff of your child’s current school to try and improve things. Changing school can have a negative impact on learning and friendship groups and the new school may not be able to match your child’s subject options.

You can ask to change schools at any time. However changing schools in Years 9, 10 and 11 should be a last resort and we advise against it if you can avoid it.

Apply for a school place

Moving house

We will only use a new address for the purpose of allocating a school place when either

  • contracts have been exchanged
  • when a tenancy agreement has been signed.

Without this evidence, we will process your application based on your existing address. We may also ask for additional evidence to confirm a move has taken place, for example

  • a copy of a council tax or utility bill for your new address
  • evidence that you will not be returning to your previous address.