School admissions booklet for September 2019-20

This booklet contains information about applying for a school place for the 2019–20 school year. The important information is covered on our main pages:

The booklet is divided into ten parts that you can download separately or, if you prefer, you can view the entire booklet.

For help and advice contact our School Admissions Team.

Acrobat (PDF)
Part 1 - contents, introduction and policy information.pdf
Part 2 - primary schools.pdf
Part 3 - secondary schools information.pdf (1)
Part 4 - special schools.pdf
Part 5 - academies criteria.pdf
Part 6 - local authority controlled school criteria.pdf
Part 7 - free schools criteria.pdf
Part 8 - trust schools criteria.pdf
Part 9 - voluntary aided church schools criteria.pdf
Part 10 - glossary notes & application form.pdf (1)
Apply for a school 2019-20.pdf