Apply for a school place


Please note: for children who will transfer in September 2018 from Infant to Junior School or Primary to Secondary, or those who will be starting school for the first time – the application window will be open in mid September 2017.     

Although there is no right to choose a child’s school, you do have the right to state a preference for up to three different schools that you would like your child to attend.

Apply if you live in East Sussex

On your application, we recommend that you list at least three different schools in case your first preference cannot be offered.

Apply online

The link above takes you to the Synergy parent portal and is used to apply for school places once you have picked several alternative schools.

Once you have submitted your application, you’ll get an email to confirm. See After you have applied to understand what happens next.

It’s important to be careful and accurate in your application – if our decision to allocate a place at a school is based on incorrect information (for example, a wrong address or date of birth has been given) the place may be withdrawn.

If you are not able to apply online

Please contact the Admissions and Transport team for a paper application. Your completed form should be returned to the address specified before the closing date.

If we receive more than one application for the same child before the closing date, we will use the latest application submitted.

Applications if you live outside of East Sussex

Normal entry times

If your child is transferring between schools at the normal age of entry or starting school for the first time at the age of 4+ and you are interested in them attending a school in East Sussex, you must apply through your ‘home’ local authority. Your local authority will then pass us details of your application for us to consider. They will be responsible for letting you know the outcome of your application.

In-year admissions

“In-year admissions” are admissions to a school which take place outside of the normal entry times.

If your application is an in-year admission, you can apply on line even if you live outside East Sussex.