Types of fostering

There are many types of fostering, some of which can work alongside each other if you are able to and if you have space to foster more than one child. 

  • You can foster full-time or part-time and you can change the type of fostering you do whenever you're ready too.
  • We have children and young people from 0-2 years up to teenagers who need loving fostering households where they can feel safe and thrive.  You can talk to us about which age you think would suit your situation and experience when you begin fostering.
  • We have a special 16+ Supporting Independence team for foster carers looking after teenagers, and as the local authority, we have local social workers and specialists to provide wrap-around help for all our looked after children of any age, and for you as foster carers too.

Watch the video below, where one of our foster carers describes the different types of foster care and what it feels like to her to make a difference to a child's life.

- Types of foster care

Watch on YouTube: "Types of foster care"