Helping people help themselves

Priority overview

Whilst we must keep vulnerable people safe, people prefer and need to be independent. If we can encourage families and communities to work together to build better local communities, meet local need, and support individuals to stay independent, we can meet our objectives of breaking dependency, while reducing demand for services and therefore costs. Helping people to be self-supporting will become increasingly important as the resources available to public services decline.

Examples of planned work during 2019/20

  • We will support households as part of the government’s Troubled Families Programme
  • We will increase the number of members of the Support with Confidence scheme, which provides a register of people and organisations that have been vetted and approved by us, so users can be confident in their safety, training and quality
  • We will continue to offer health checks to those eligible, while encouraging those offered a check to take it up

Performance measures and targets

Take a look at the targets we have set to measure our progress against delivering the aims under this priority:

Delivery outcomes

State of the County 2017/18

We review a wide range of data about East Sussex to help us understand the context for our plans and the impact we are having through our work and in partnership. We publish this data each year in our State of the County report when we start the planning process that leads to this Council Plan.

School Governor
School governors help improve education in their area while also learning new skills and receiving training
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Support with Confidence logo
New Support with Confidence Recruits
New Support with Confidence recruits are welcomed to the scheme