Extra information for Home care providers

Viewing care package line items

Care Package Line Items (CPLI) will be available to view in the portal once they have been authorised and activated by the Council.

  1. Select Care Package Line Items.
  2. Select View to display all care packages.

    Note: If the care package has an end date more than 28 days in the past, you will need to tick the Include Historical box.

  3. The view can also be filtered by using the drop-down menus, before selecting View.

Actions: Sending a query to ESCC

An Action is way of securely communicating information with ESCC if you have a query about your payment.

Please note that requests for queries other than those about payments should be communicated in the usual way and not via the Portal.


Viewing the remittance advice

  1. Select Reports.
  2. Select Remittance Advice Provider Payments.
  3. The 4-weekly payment period will always default to the most recently available. If necessary, you can amend this by selecting the period in the drop-down list
    : All historical remittance advices remain on the portal. You can view these at any time.
  4. Select View to display the remittance report or Download Data to save it to your computer.
    Note: Any additional payments that are paid outside the period in which they occurred will appear in the payment period in which it was paid.