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Extra information for direct payment support services

Individual Service Agreement (ISA)

The Individual Service Agreement (ISA) is the contract document forming the agreement between East Sussex County Council and the provider for the named client’s care.

Note: Payments for care are not calculated and will not be included in the Residential Payment Schedule until the ISA has been agreed.

Reviewing published ISAs

  1. Select Contract documents.
  2. The Contract documents screen is then displayed. The filters are set to automatically show published. These are the documents you need to action.
  3. The date is populated with the first of the month. To ensure you are viewing all published ISAs, delete the Updated since date and select View.
  4. Select the Individual Service Agreement link.
  5. You will be given the option to open or save the ISA document. Select Save to save a copy of the document to your computer. Select Open to view the ISA on your screen.
  6. The ISA will open as a PDF document.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the ISA.

Direct payment support service referrals

The direct payment support service will make referrals for:

  • direct payment clients who do not have a support service managed account
  • direct payment clients who have an account managed by the support service where an issue cannot be resolved

Referrals for non-support service managed accounts

These referrals are made as a result of the support service receiving information through providing core support for direct payment clients. Core support is support provided to any direct payment client, regardless of how the account is managed. For example:

  • the support service has been informed by a PA that they have not been paid by a client who manages their own direct payment
  • the support service has visited the client and the client has raised concerns that they have no money in the account

These referrals should be sent to the Direct Payments Team containing all the information that the support service has, to enable them to look into the account.

The email address for these referrals is: direct.payments@eastsussex.gov.uk.

Support service managed account referrals

As the support service is managing the account, it is essential that any issues with the account are resolved by the support service in the first instance. If this fails, a referral should be made to the relevant team using the ContrOCC portal.

Information regarding support service managed accounts will be sent to and from the support service using the ContrOCC portal.

Referrals for non-payment of client contributions

Once a referral has been made for non-payment of client contribution, the Financial Assessment Team will look into the case. They will make contact to discuss the details and gather any extra information they need.


Viewing the remittance advice

  1. Select Reports.
  2. Select Remittance advice provider payments. Note: All historical remittance advices remain on the portal. You can view these at any time.
  3. The payment period will always default to the most recently available. If necessary, you can amend this by selecting the period in the drop-down list.

Provider contacts

You may only access the portal when you are listed as a contact and given access to the Provider Portal by East Sussex County Council’s Systems Team.

Viewing contact details

  1. Select the Contacts link on the homepage.
  2. The Contact page is displayed with the existing contacts listed on the left. Select the name of a contact to view their details.