Issuing a contract

Whether you are delivering your PA services on an employed or self-employed basis, it is important to have an agreed contract at the start. It should provide details of the support that will be delivered and working arrangements. This is an essential document if there is a dispute.

When you are employed by your client    

This will be an employment contract and will be issued by the client to you on or before your first day of work. This contract should include; details about the role and job description, start date, hours of work, rates of pay and pension arrangements, holiday entitlement and sick pay arrangements, notice periods, disciplinary and grievance procedures. For further information about employment contracts: Before your PA starts | Skills for Care.

When you are delivering your services on a self employed basis

This will be a contract of services and will be issued by you to your client. This contract should include; your full contact details, a statement of the services required, how many hours per week you will support the client, the hourly rate (and any other charges such as mileage), start date, how payment will be made and a details of your complaints procedure. For further information on this type of contract: Consumer contracts | Business Companion

Whether employed or self employed both you and the client should sign the contract and both keep a copy for records.