Deer road collisions

Traffic collisions with deer can result in injury or death for animals and drivers and damage to vehicles. There are a significant number of collisions with deer in East Sussex, particularly in the Ashdown Forest area.

Drivers need to be aware and take extra care, particularly during spring and autumn. When approaching a deer warning sign, drivers should:

  • slow down and be prepared to stop
  • watch out for more deer following the first one
  • use hazard warning lights
  • not approach an injured deer – it could be dangerous.

Reporting a dead or injured animal

Any sighting of a dead or injured animal on the highway should be reported to Sussex Police – phone: 101.

‘Deer Crossing’ signs

Deer are wild animals and are always on the move. Temporary posters can be put up at locations when deer are more likely come into contact with vehicles.

Deer warden scheme

The Deer warden scheme sets out how to deal with injured animals on the highway. The volunteer members, along with Ashdown Forest Rangers, provide 24 hour coverage across the county. Call-outs are managed by the police.

Many deer hit by vehicles are killed outright. Badly injured deer are humanely put down and safely disposed of. Our priority is to minimise the suffering of injured animals, while keeping road users safe. See: Deer warden scheme.

Contact us

To make an urgent report, please phone Sussex Police on 101, or contact our Highways team on 0345 608 0193.

If you want to enquire about the Deer warden scheme, please contact our Highways team.