Motorcycle safety

The rural roads in East Sussex are very popular with motorcyclists. Every year on May Day bank holiday thousands of bikers ride to Hastings to celebrate their enjoyment of two wheels.

Each year too many motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured on roads in East Sussex. We are working with motorcyclists across Sussex to reduce these casualties.

Many riders are injured at junctions when vehicles pull out, others crash as a result of entering a bend too fast. Always ride defensively, concentrate and anticipate the errors of other road users.

Motorbike and rider
Motorbike and rider

Safety tips

  • Make yourself visible.
  • Always wear protective clothing, even for short trips.
  • Slow down for approaching bends – accelerate out, but keep to the speed limit. If you’re going too fast, don’t panic, lift your head and look out of the bend in the direction you want to go.
  • Constantly monitor your riding and think about what you are doing.
  • Seek feedback from skilled riders, try a BikeSafe assessment or Advanced Rider training course.

Read more safe riding tips on the – motorcycling: THINK! website.

BikeSafe logo
BikeSafe logo

Motorcycle training

BikeSafe Sussex is a partnership between Sussex Police, West and East Sussex County Councils and Brighton & Hove City Council.

Part of a nationwide scheme, BikeSafe aims to reduce motorcycling casualties with advice and tips about road safety, plus courses for riders to improve their skills. Find out more from the BikeSafe website.

Other advanced motorcycling training groups in East Sussex:

Further information

For more information about motorcycle safety in East Sussex, please contact us and select ‘Roads’ when choosing who to send to.