Road safety

Traffic calming

Details of traffic calming solutions you will find in towns and villages across East Sussex.

Safer driving

How to be a safe driver, information about seat belts and harnesses for children, training to improve your road awareness, and how to get a minibus driving licence.

Motorcycle safety

Safety tips for motorbike and scooter riders and how to improve your skills with a BikeSafe assessment or advanced rider training course.

Cycle training (including Bikeability)

Facilities and training available for children and adults, from beginners, to those that are more advanced.

Speeding – what we are doing

What we are doing to enforce speed limits across East Sussex and details of what you can do in your community.

Crash sites in East Sussex

Find out what we are doing to improve sites in the county that have a poor record of injuries from crashes.

Road casualties in East Sussex

Our annual overview of road casualty and crash statistics in the county, including crashes by road type and casualties by severity.

Pedestrian crossings

Describes the different types of crossings and how we decide where to put them.

Deer road collisions

Report a dead or injured animal on the roads, plus tips on how to be 'deer aware'.