Funding and Delivery

How will the road be funded?

The total cost of the scheme is £23.2m. We have committed £13.2m from our own capital programme. This was increased by the £10m of Local Growth Fund (LGF) monies. The business case was submitted to the Department for Transport (DfT) on 6 July 2018. The scheme was approved by DfT.

The funding applied to the Port Access Road is what is known as ‘capital funding’. It can only be invested into one-off capital projects. It is not revenue funding. Revenue funding is required year-on-year to support staff costs and ongoing service delivery and this is where the adult social care (ASC) savings are proposed.

In addition, the capital funding from DfT is only available for this scheme. So this funding could not be put towards the proposed ASC savings.

Will there be any further consultation on the scheme?

We are engaging with key stakeholders and have provided further public information on the proposals. However, there is no obligation for us to revisit the planning process.

The submission of details required by a condition attached to a planning permission is not an application. It is not subject to the same consultation requirements as a planning application. However, when we submitted details of the bridge we consulted with the County’s specialists, which include:

  • Ecology
  • Landscape
  • The South Downs National Park Authority

Specialists can decide whether the final design reflects current ecological and landscape considerations.

No further formal public consultation is planned. This has occurred through:

  • the planning permission process
  • adoption of the Lewes Core Joint Strategy
  • the Local Transport Plan 3 Implementation Plan
  • the need for, and details of the scheme are also established

Will there be any local engagement during construction?

A Community Liaison Group was set up during the construction period. Meetings are usually held quarterly. It is made up of representatives from:

  • the local community
  • other public bodies
  • the contractor
  • East Sussex County Council