Cycle training for adults

All adult training sessions are usually delivered on a Monday but with notice we can often be flexible with dates and times.

Adult Beginners

Cost: £30
Duration: 1 hour

This coaching session caters for complete beginners and for those who may be just a bit rusty, teaching you to learn to cycle independently and providing basic cycle control skills. These include starting and pedalling, stopping, manoeuvring, signalling and using the gears. It is carried out in a traffic free area.

Adult Confidence Builder


Cost: £30
Duration: 1 hour


Cost: £25
Duration: 1.5 hours

This coaching session is for those cyclists who feel they require a better understanding of cycling on today’s roads, in order to be able cycle from home to college or work. Training takes place on quiet roads to begin, with real traffic conditions giving the skills and confidence to make these trips safely and independently.

Adult Bikeability Level 3

Cost: £30
Duration: up to 2 hours

Develops the basic skills and knowledge for cyclists to make journeys in a variety of quiet and more demanding traffic conditions competently, confidently and consistently.

Fix It Bike Maintenance

Cost: £30
Duration: 2 hours

This workshop is for those cyclists who wish to be able to perform basic maintenance on their own bikes, including mending punctures, removing and replacing wheels, adjusting brakes, adjusting gears and generally finding their way around the bike. Workshops can be tailored for the individual or for the family.

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