Bus service changes

Bus Service Changes October 2022

The page contains information on upcoming changes to bus services in East Sussex.

Most the changes are to Stagecoach commercial routes in Hastings and Eastbourne. They need to contain ongoing and significant financial losses. Stagecoach, like all bus operators, are struggling with massive operating cost increases too.

  • Bus use has not recovered above around 80% of the pre-Covid level.

  • Government have been providing funding since the start of the pandemic. We understand this will continue until January 2023 and may continue to April 2023. This funding will not be enough for Stagecoach and other operators to run their services.

  • Similar issues will impact bus services across the country.

  • We have taken action to ensure nearly all communities still have services. There will be many areas with reduced service frequencies, particularly daytime. There are also instances of service improvements.

  • We are providing support to help maintain as much of the bus network as possible. We continue to pay bus operators at pre-Covid levels for concessionary pass users. This is because the use of buses by older people has reduced greatly.

  • Working with the bus operators we also introduced several new lower fares. We designed these initiatives to encourage greater user of buses. Please see New lower fares on East Sussex bus services for details.

East Sussex County Council is expecting to receive funding from Government for the Bus Service Improvement Plan. We cannot use this funding to simply replace services withdrawn by bus operators. The Bus Service Improvement Plan funding will also only be available until April 2025. Any new or improved bus services funded by it should be financial sustainable by this date.

For further details of the changes to bus services, by area, please use the links below:

Eastbourne Borough bus service changes Oct 22 (updated 09/09/22) [29.3 KB] [docx]

Hastings Borough bus service changes Oct 22 (updated 09/09/22) [26.5 KB] [docx]

Lewes District bus service changes Oct 22 (updated 09/09/22) [33.4 KB] [docx]

Rother District bus service changes Oct 22 (updated 09/09/22) [30.6 KB] [docx]

Wealden District bus service changes Oct 22 (updated 09/09/22) [156.5 KB] [doc]