Bus travel with a disability

Information to help travellers with a disability.

Free bus pass

Please see our Apply for a disabled person’s bus pass page for information on applying for a free English National Concessionary Travel Scheme bus pass.

Bus operator assistance cards

Some bus operators in East Sussex offer a card which confirms the assistance that they may need when travelling. They can be particularly helpful for travellers with hidden disabilities. All cards issued under these schemes will be accepted by drivers, but please visit your main bus operator websites for more information:

Audible information – ‘Talking’ Bus Stops

All new real time information signs installed in the county have the ability to provide audible information about bus services for people with visual impairments. These are known as ‘Talking’ bus stops signs and the audible announcements are activated by a key fob (remote control) issued to partially sighted people by the County Council.

For further information, please email the Real-time bus stop team. Please provide full details such as road names and addresses if you are emailing about a specific stop.

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