The Registration Academy

The Registration Academy, hosted by East Sussex Registration provides professional training and assessment to Local Registration Services in England and Wales.

The Shewell Training Suite at Lewes Register Office

What we offer

Our training is delivered by experienced, senior registration practitioners who are experts in their field, providing:

  • Exclusive training modules, designed to bring new officers online as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Advanced training to give existing officers the chance to improve their skills and understanding
  • Assessor and IV (Internal Verification) services, to guide your officers through the NAP (Registrar General’s Nationally Approved Qualification)
  • Training can be delivered:
    • at your premises (subject to suitability)
    • at our purpose-built training suite at Lewes Register Office in East Sussex
    • or remotely, via MS Teams

Email the Registration Academy to arrange a no-obligation chat.

The candidates are now confidently registering.

Book your course

To book a training course, or discuss options and prices email the Registration Academy.

Booking of the training package was very comprehensive and straightforward.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for local authority registration services engaging The Registration Academy. This document is a key part of our contract with you.

Terms and Conditions.

We have developed the Registration Academy training modules with a clear focus on them being intensive and fast-track enabling them to be delivered at an affordable cost for local authorities.

Training modules
Course Title Duration Content
Birth Registrations 3 days All the information and ‘hands on’ training needed to ‘go live’ registering births, attesting declarations and understanding of the theory of more complex cases.
Death Registrations 3 days All the information and ‘hands on’ training needed to ‘go live’ registering deaths, attesting declarations, recognising what to look out for on MCCDs and inquests.
Advanced Births and Deaths, Stillbirths and Corrections 2 days Available for registrars who have some experience of birth and death registration. This course will explain the processes of Space 17 name changes, Corrections, Re-registrations and Stillbirths and allow for practice of these processes in a safe, classroom environment.
Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership 5 days* All the information and ‘hands on’ training needed to ‘go live’ taking notices including those subject to immigration control and understanding of the theory of more complex cases, including foreign divorces and RGLs.
Marriage Ceremony – Conducting and registering 1 day Public speaking, crowd control, tailoring your script, questioning the couple and dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

We have rigorously tested our training modules to ensure they are fit for purpose, and we are confident that brand new registrars are able to comfortably and accurately register unaided, inside 30 minute appointment slots, during their first week of going live.

* Feedback has proven that the Notices module works best when split over two weeks – ie. 2 or 3 days the first week, followed by the further 2 or 3 days the following week.  This gives trainees time to digest the large course content, as they apply their first week of learning to attest basic live notices at their office, and then learning the more complex aspects of notice taking during the second week.

What's included

Each module includes:

  • Training from experienced and currently active practitioners
  • Interactive presentations
  • Example scenarios
  • Role-play
  • Live practice (in-person training only)
  • Reference materials for delegates to take with them

Training can be provided online via MS Teams, at your premises (subject to suitability) or at our purpose-built Training Suite at the Lewes Register Office in East Sussex, complete with live customers for delegates to practice their skills on, under the close supervision of our professional trainers.

See our How to make the most of the Registration Academy, guide to help you achieve the best outcomes for your delegates.

You can also take advantage of our optional follow-up consolidation package where one of our trainers will revisit each delegate after a few weeks in the role and technically assess them in a live environment to consolidate their learning and identify any areas where re-training may be required.

Competency assessments

The Registration Academy can also provide skilled, independent assessors to evaluate your registrars and provide structured feedback to you and your team.

Available in 1 day packages including assessment of up to 4 registration activities with pre-assessment management briefing and post assessment debriefs for both the registrar and line manager.

Book your course

To book a training course or to find out more email the Registration Academy.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for local authority registration services engaging The Registration Academy. This document is a key part of our contract with you.

Terms and Conditions

NAP Assessor and Internal Verifier services are available to candidates from all Local Authority Registration Services.

Email the Registration Academy to book.

What's included?

NAP Assessor and Internal Verifier services
NAP Activity Assessor Internal Verifier
Introduction to the NAP Meeting (within ESCC or via MS Teams) 4 hours 4 hours
1.5 hours marking per month 36 hours N/A
1 DIP test per quarter 8 hours N/A
1/2 hour meeting every other month on MS Teams 6 hours N/A
Internal Verifier’s oversight – two hours per quarter N/A 16 hours
TOTAL 54 hours 20 hours

This service is charged at a cost recovery rate of £200 per quarter for the two years of the qualification.
We are happy to accept this payment in advance either quarterly, annually or for the full two years.

Our fee is calculated on the basis of all meetings with the candidate taking place either within East Sussex or via MS Teams.

If the candidate extends their deadline past the two years then we will continue to charge £200 per quarter to cover our extended costs until they complete the qualification.

We have a team of passionate and experienced registrars delivering our NAP Assessor and IV services.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for local authority registration services engaging The Registration Academy. This document is a key part of our contract with you.

Terms and Conditions

  • If possible, please provide your delegates with the chance to observe live appointments before their training. We have found this helps to develop their understanding of the processes they will need to adopt once they are registering themselves.
  • If you have any local practices that you wish your delegates to be trained in, then please can you provide us with full details at least two weeks in advance so we can adapt our training modules accordingly.
  • We regret that due to the intensive nature of the training we offer we are only able to accommodate up to four delegates at a time. We firmly believe that maintaining low classroom numbers better enables our trainers to focus on each delegate’s individual needs.
  • If we are providing training at your offices the training room must be equipped with a PC or laptop for each delegate, alongside access to a printer. We would also respectfully request that the room is not used by other staff or customers for the duration of the training as this tends to distract delegates from their intensive training.
  • Our training modules involve the use of PowerPoint presentations, and so if you have a screen available for our use this would be perfect, alternatively a blank wall space will suffice if a screen is not available.
  • Our training days normally run from 9.30am – 4.30pm approximately with a half hour for lunch. The trainer should arrive at your offices no later than 9am to set up for the day.
  • Please can we ask that all delegates have been granted access to RON’s test site, the GMC website (for death registrations) and the GRO Registrar’s Handbook before they begin their training with us.
  • We have found our training modules work best if delegates are allowed to use their newly learned skills on live appointments during the final day of their training with us, under the watchful eye of our trainer. If these appointments could be made and earmarked for the delegates this would help us to ensure they are competent in a ‘real world’ scenario.
  • We would strongly recommend that delegates are afforded slightly longer appointment slots during their first few days of registering alone following the training as this is the period when they are consolidating the knowledge they have just received and due to inexperience, we have found they feel less pressured and more able to cope if they are not subject to the normal tight time constraints.
  • If training is required for more than one registration discipline, we would recommend a short gap between each training module to allow delegates to practice their newly learned skills and consolidate this knowledge before moving on to the next registration discipline.

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