NAP qualification

NAP Assessor and Internal Verifier services are available to candidates from all Local Authority Registration Services.

Email the Registration Academy to book.

What's included?

NAP Assessor and Internal Verifier services
NAP Activity Assessor Internal Verifier
Introduction to the NAP Meeting (within ESCC or via MS Teams) 4 hours 4 hours
1.5 hours marking per month 36 hours N/A
1 DIP test per quarter 8 hours N/A
1/2 hour meeting every other month on MS Teams 6 hours N/A
Internal Verifier’s oversight – two hours per quarter N/A 16 hours
TOTAL 54 hours 20 hours

This service is charged at a cost recovery rate of £200 per quarter for the two years of the qualification.
We are happy to accept this payment in advance either quarterly, annually or for the full two years.

Our fee is calculated on the basis of all meetings with the candidate taking place either within East Sussex or via MS Teams.

If the candidate extends their deadline past the two years then we will continue to charge £200 per quarter to cover our extended costs until they complete the qualification.

We have a team of passionate and experienced registrars delivering our NAP Assessor and IV services.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for local authority registration services engaging The Registration Academy. This document is a key part of our contract with you.

Terms and Conditions

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