Re-registering a birth

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Certificates posted after 20 December may not arrive until after 5 January.

If you require your certificates earlier, please arrange to collect them in person. 

Unmarried parents

To add the father to a birth registration at a later date, you can apply to re-register the birth using Form GRO185 (

Once the form is complete, phone us on 0345 60 80 198 to book your re-registration appointment.

Re-registration is free but new certificates, showing the updated registration are charged at the standard statutory fee of £11 each.

Married Parents

If you married after registering the birth of your child, you can re-register to show your married surname (if it is different to the surname used on the original birth registration).

You can apply to do this by completing Form LA1 (

Form LA1 can also be used to add the natural father's name to the birth registration after the parents have married, if he was not previously named on the original birth certificate.

Once the form is complete, phone us on 0345 60 80 198 to book your Re-registration appointment.

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