Current inquests

Media and other observers

Inquest hearings are held in public and members of the public, including the media, are welcome to attend Court in person to observe.

The Coroner has a power (but not a duty) to permit members of the public, including the media, to attend a hearing remotely by video or audio link.  Any application to observe a hearing remotely must be made by 10am on the day before the hearing, in writing to Coroner's Officers explaining why permission is sought and providing the name and address of each proposed observer. Applications will be considered in accordance with Chief Coroner's Guidance No. 42 (remote hearings).

It is a summary offence and a contempt of court to record or transmit or attempt to record or transmit any video, image or sound of any Court hearing. That includes transmitting or recording a hearing taking place via video link or taking or allowing anyone else to take any screenshot or video capture of the hearing using any device, including a phone.

Inquest openings

Inquests will be formally opened in the 15 minutes before the listed start time of the first full inquest.  

Inquests to be opened
Date of opening Name Age Date of death   Place of death   Location of opening
17/05/2024 Heather Hewitt 40 06/04/2023 Ireland Eastbourne Town Hall
17/05/2024 Tyler Murphy 25 19/01/2024 Crowborough Eastbourne Town Hall
21/05/2024 Thomas Hoare 57 06/05/2024 Robertsbridge Muriel Matters House
21/05/2024 Thomas Mayhew 16 09/05/2024 Royal Sussex County Hospital Muriel Matters House
21/05/2024 Hazel Everson 96 26/04/2024 Princess Royal Hospital Muriel Matters House
21/05/2024 Tobias Grave 25 11/05/2024 Lewes Muriel Matters House
21/05/2024 Andrew Harris 73 08/05/2024 Conquest Hospital Muriel Matters House

Hastings Coroner’s Court

Muriel Matters House in Hastings:
Date Time Name Age Date of death Place of death Coroner’s officer
21/05/2024 9.45am Stephanie Chambers 81 18/12/2023 Conquest Hospital Sophie Legros
21/05/2024 10.15am Eileen Bonnington 93 15/12/2023 Royal Sussex County Hospital Reggie Jones
21/05/2024 11.30am James Fairbrass 40 27/08/2023 Northiam Bob Greenall
21/05/2024 2.00pm Emma Smith 41 02/07/2022 Royal Sussex County Hospital Bob Greenall
28/05/2024 10.00am Darren Rogers 52 27/10/2023 Lewes Kate Price
28/05/2024 11.30am Matthew Bartholomew 48 18/07/2023 Bexhill on Sea David Tye
28/05/2024 2.00pm Alan Sewell 71 20/07/2023 Conquest Hospital Maria Fabien
28/05/2024 3.00pm John Sheppard 84 23/03/2024 Eastbourne Kate Price
28/05/2024 4.00pm David Wenban 54 09/08/2023 Crowborough Sophie Legros
04/06/2024 10.30am Michael Woolstenhulme 74 26/01/2024 Eastbourne Reggie Jones
04/06/2024 11.30am John Myatt 66 11/12/2022 St Leonards on Sea David Tye
04/06/2024 2.00pm Ibrahim Awil 26 11/11/2023 Eastbourne Reggie Jones
04/06/2024 3.15pm Sean McInerney 32 03/11/2022 Seaford Maria Fabien
11/06/2024 10.15am Heather Hewitt 40 06/04/2023 Ireland Sophie Legros
11/06/2024 11.15am Gordon Kennett 70 11/09/2023 Lanzarote David Tye
11/06/2024 12.00pm Joyce Hutley 97 28/12/2023 Bexhill on Sea Reggie Jones

Eastbourne Coroner’s Court

Town Hall in Eastbourne:
Date Time Name Age Date of death Place of death Coroner's officer
16/05/2024 10.00am Archibald Jenkins 68 27/10/2023 Conquest Hospital Kate Price
16/05/2024 11.00am Andrea Cox 39 05/04/2023 Newhaven Maria Fabien
16/05/2024 2.00pm Samantha Birkinshaw 48 23/07/2023 Hailsham Maria Fabien
16/05/2024 3.30pm Brenda Ryan 76 27/06/2023 Pevensey Bay Maria Fabien
17/05/2024 10.00am Peter Lowe 74 02/07/2023 Mayfield Sophie Legros
17/05/2024 2.00pm Joseph Mattelaer 24 01/08/2023 Lewes Sophie Legros
17/05/2024 3.30pm Doreen Nightingale 87 31/10/2023 Eastbourne District General Hospital Sarah Cockram
23/05/2024 10.00am Jamie Clarke 45 19/12/2022 Conquest Hospital Sophie Legros
24/05/2024 10.00am David Funnell 81 31/01/2024 Eastbourne David Tye
24/05/2024 10.45am Philip Read 74 16/02/2024 Eastbourne District General Hospital David Tye
24/05/2024 11.30am Roy Newton 85 24/05/2024 Seaford David Tye
24/05/2024 12.15pm William Card 85 16/06/2023 King's College Hospital David Tye
24/05/2024 2.00pm Christopher Smith 44 26/03/2023 Peacehaven Sarah Cockram
24/05/2024 3.30pm Anne Carroll 79 22/04/2023 Eastbourne Maria Fabien
31/05/2024 10.00am Laura Sosa (pre inquest review) 44 11/02/2023 Eastbourne Maria Fabien
31/05/2024 2.00pm Nicolette McCarthy (pre-inquest review) 46 19/09/2023 Eastbourne Sophie Legros
06/06/2024 11.00am Victor Pereira Vargas (pre-inquest review) 63 13/10/2023 Lower Dicker Kate Price
06/06/2024 2.00pm Christopher Wiggans 29 17/05/2023 Eastbourne Sophie Legros
07/06/2024 10.00am Harold McKinley 72 22/08/2023 Lewes David Tye
07/06/2024 11.00am Lee Vincent 39 27/07/2023 Eastbourne David Tye
07/06/2024 2.00pm Jason Headech 52 12/10/2023 Bexhill on Sea Sarah Cockram
07/06/2024 3.30pm Patricia Driscoll 84 06/12/2023 Conquest Hospital Sophie Legros
14/06/2024 10.00am Carolyn Lawrence 68 03/09/2023 Newhaven Sarah Cockram
14/06/2024 11.00am Deborah George 46 16/04/2023 Eastbourne Sophie Legros
14/06/2024 2.00pm Janos Baker 30 30/05/2023 Forest Row David Tye

Inquests in writing

The following inquests in writing will be heard during the course of the week as listed below:

Inquests in writing
Week commencing Name Age Date of death Place of death
13/05/2024 Robert Evans 78 17/09/2023 Royal Sussex County Hospital
27/05/2024 Andrew Crouch 60 12/10/2023 Conquest Hospital
27/05/2024 Terri Harris 50 29/11/2022 Bexhill on Sea
East Sussex Coroner

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