The Acting Senior Coroner for East Sussex is Fiona King, an independent judicial officer presiding over a Court of Record within the English Judicial system.

East Sussex also has four Assistant Coroners, namely James Healy-Pratt, Rachel Redman, Michael Spencer and Laura Bradford.

Although appointed and paid by local councils, the Coroner is not a local government officer but holds office under the Crown and operates completely independently of East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police and all other institutions.

The Coroner is responsible for the investigation of all violent or unnatural deaths, sudden deaths of unknown cause and deaths in custody which are reported to him.

A death may be reported for a number of reasons. It does not mean that there is anything suspicious about the death, it may be that the doctor is unsure of the exact cause or that the person has died earlier than expected, suffered from an industrial disease, died during a surgical operation, or before recovery from an anaesthetic.

The Guide to coroner services and coroner investigations (GOV.UK) tells you what standards of performance are to be expected in the East Sussex Coroner service, and what to do if something goes wrong.

The Coroner discharges his duties in accordance with the Coroners and Justice Act 2009, the Coroners Rules 2013, and other relevant legislation.

East Sussex Coroner

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