Sharing your information

A copy of any register entry will be provided by this office in accordance with the law to any applicant, provided they supply enough information to identify the entry concerned and pay the appropriate fee. The copy may only be issued in the form of a paper certified copy (a 'certificate'). An application for a certificate may also be made to the General Register Office.

Indexes for events registered at this office are publicly available in order to help members of the public identify the registration record they might need. Indexes are available at East Sussex Register Offices.

Aside from the above provisions, any sharing of personal data is always made:

  • on case-by-case basis
  • using the minimum personal data necessary
  • with the appropriate security controls in place
  • in line with legislation

Information is only shared with those agencies and bodies who have a 'need to know' or where you have consented to the sharing of your personal data to such persons.

We may use the information we hold about you to assist in the detection and prevention of crime or fraud. We may also share this information with other bodies that inspect and manage public funds.

We will not routinely disclose any information about you without your express permission. However, there are circumstances where we must or can share information about you with other organisations owing to a legal or statutory obligation. These include:

  • General Register Office
  • The Office for National Statistics
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Department of Health
  • National Health Service
  • Local Districts and Boroughs (fraud departments, electoral roll and council tax billing authorities)
  • Child Safeguarding Board
  • Adult Safeguarding Teams
  • Coroner’s Office
  • Other Local Authority Registration Services
  • Home Office (United Kingdom Visas and Immigration/Immigration and Enforcement)

Alternatively, staff at our offices will be able to provide the information.