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How long your information will be kept

Registration information is retained indefinitely as required by law. The following retention timelines apply to the data we hold about you:

How long is your information kept?
Information type Retention period
Information entered into registers of births, deaths, stillbirths, marriages and civil partnership Indefinite
Copy certificate applications 2 years
Registrar General’s Authorities For registration of deaths after 12 months 2 years
Declarations made by applicants for certificates for disposal (no liability to register) 5 years
Notice of intent to marry or form a civil partnership 5 years
Forms of consent to marriage of minors 1 year
Caveats against the grant of a superintendent registrar’s certificate or certificate and licence or Registrar General’s licence for marriage 2 years
Notifications of and Registrar General’s licences for marriage, Notifications of the issue of the Registrar General’s licence for marriage and Registrar General’s licences for marriage 2 years
Requisitions to persons liable to register who have failed to do so 1 year
Routine correspondence relating to appointment and conduct of officers 2 years
Routine correspondence relating to registration of births, marriages and deaths, correction of errors, birth re-registrations not made (Forms LA1 and GRO 185) and copy documents, issue of certificates under certain Acts of Parliament irregular burials 3 years
Routine correspondence relating to false information given to registration officers, falsification and forgery of certificates of birth, marriage or death; marriage of foreigners and persons divorced abroad 3 years
Formal objection against the issue of the civil partnership schedule 2 years
Change of name deeds Indefinite
Home Office citizenship ceremony documentation 5 years
Information relating to the booking of ceremonies and registration appointments 2 years
Information relating to complaints or objections to marriage venue licenses 3 years
Name and email address of customers subscribed to the Ceremonies Newsletter Until unsubscribed
Photos required for marriage/civil partnership notice 7 days after the ceremony date

At the end of the retention period personal data is destroyed as confidential waste and deleted from our systems.