General conditions

  1. ESCC reserves the right to refuse room hire to any group or organisation. This includes groups and events that might be seen as politically or religiously extreme and campaigns promoting one side of a controversial subject. The hirer must ensure that the venue is not used by any groups or speakers in support of any extremist ideology. Should such beliefs or practices come to light following a room hire agreement, ESCC reserves the right to immediately cancel it. The judgement of the service on what is acceptable use will be final.
  2. If rooms are hired for open events, any publicity must make it clear that East Sussex County Council does not necessarily support the views expressed at the event.
  3. The hirer acknowledges that East Sussex County Council has a duty under Section 26 of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 in the exercise of its functions to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism” (the “Prevent Duty”). The hirer shall ensure that it uses the relevant library space in such a way as to satisfy the Prevent Duty. 
  4. ESCC will provide the venue at the times agreed in the Booking Agreement Form. It is the responsibility of the group to ensure that they use the facilities, enter and leave the building within the agreed timescale. Rooms are hired by hour, and hirers must finish before the end of their hire period. Anyone who overruns their time may find that future bookings may be refused or cancelled, and/or that an additional fee is applied.
  5. The letting only authorises use of the rooms hired and the normal means of access to it. Special requirements should be discussed with the Library Manager.
  6. The member of the group/organisation taking responsibility for using the premises shall:
    • undertake responsibility for premises with the library staff prior to using the building and agree the times and means of entering the building
    • collect ‘meeting room pack’ and security fob from library staff
    • ensure that during the occupation of the building no outer door is left unlocked and unattended
    • ensure that on departure all lights and electrical items are switched off and all relevant doors are locked
    • keep fobs and keys securely and hand them in to library staff at the end of your booking and make no copies of any keys or fobs
    • ensure that they are fully aware of any related Risk Assessments and necessary actions
    • contact the library staff immediately if any problems related to the above arise
    • inform the library staff if they wish to nominate another responsible person to take over their role.
  7. The group/organisation accepts responsibility for loss or damage to the property or contents resulting from using Library premises, including IT equipment and book/ media materials. Loss or damage must be notified to the library staff immediately.
  8. Alcohol must not be sold or consumed on the premises.
  9. Live or recorded music must not be played on the premises without the specific approval of the Library Manager and the necessary licence must be gained by the group/organisation. The license must be witnessed by the Library Manager prior to the hire. If live music is performed a Performing Rights Society (PRS) Licence is required; if recorded music is played a PRS and a Public Performance Licence is required.
  10. A responsible adult must be in attendance at all times, and the person taking responsibility for the premises must be over 18.
  11. Smoking and animals (apart from assistance dogs) are not permitted anywhere in the building at any time.
  12. No persons other than those directly involved in the activities of the group/organisation using the meeting rooms shall be allowed into the room.
  13. The group/organisation must ensure the omission of nuisance or disturbance to other users of the premises. Please be aware that the meeting rooms are not totally soundproof.
  14. The group/organisation agrees to give the fullest notice possible of any cancellation of the booking. The Council may still make a charge if less than 14 days’ notice is given of a cancellation. Cancellations with less than seven days’ notice will incur a 50% charge, cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a 100% charge. The Council reserves the right to cancel the booking should unforeseen circumstances arise which affect or preclude the use of the building.
  15. In the event of unacceptable behaviour or risks engendered by the hirer any future bookings will be jeopardised.
  16. Ongoing room bookings may be booked up to six months in the future. ESCC reserves the right to review all ongoing bookings in the event that multiple sessions are cancelled or payments are not made in a timely fashion.