The group/organisation using the premises will either have their own Public Liability Insurance in place with an indemnity limit of £5million OR, if they do not already have their own PL insurance policy in place, the Council can assist by using its own policy which provides an extension to cover third party hirer’s liability for non-commercial voluntary community groups.

There is no premium recharge for the extension, however departments are required to keep a record of all hirings (hiring organisation & duration) as the Insurance Team will request this data once a year for the purposes of renewing our policies.

The intention of the Hirers Liability extension is to provide cover for non-commercial organisations, voluntary and community groups who do not already have existing PL insurance of their own. Large charities, political or religious groups and commercial organisations are expected to have their own policy in place.

  • The policy must cover the group/organisations legal liability to third parties for loss, damage or injury and contain an Indemnity to Principles clause.
  • HLI is not available to commercial, political or religious groups, who must have their own Public Liability Insurance in place.