Fire precautions

  1. The group/organisation member responsible for the premises shall be in charge and present at the premises during the whole hire period. This person shall not be engaged in any duties that will prevent them from exercising general supervision, and ensure they are familiar with all fire exits and the fire drill. A copy of the fire drill will be provided by library staff.
  2. The responsible person will keep a fire list detailing all those present during the hire in order to account for all persons in the case of an evacuation.
  3. All fire doors, gangways, corridors, staircases and external passageways shall be kept entirely free from obstruction and shall not be used as cloakrooms.
  4. Fire doors shall be kept closed at all times.
  5. All exit doors shall be available for exit during the whole time that the group/organisation are on the premises.
  6. Mats or other floor coverings shall be secured so as not to be a source of danger to users.