Changing the Definitive Map

The Definitive Map is a statutory record of public rights of way. Anyone has a right to apply for it to be corrected if they believe there to be an error on the map or information missing.

If you would like to speak to us about making an amendment to an existing public right of way, please contact the,

Landowners can also apply to divert a public right of way.

Claiming a new public right of way

If a path has been used by the public for 20 years or more, it may be possible to claim it as a public right of way by making an application for a Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO).

Please contact the Definitive Map Team if you wish to find out about this.

Please note: we know that some of these files might not be suitable for users of assistive technology. 

Therefore if you need a file in an accessible format, please contact us. It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use. We will then contact you about the next step.

Useful information to refer to when making a DMMO:

1.  Claim Guidance for Applicants [109.4 KB] [pdf]

2. Submission Notes and Checklist [225.4 KB] [pdf]

3. DMMO Process Flowchart [97.5 KB] [pdf]

Documents required to submit a DMMO application:

4a. Application form and accompanying forms [71.6 KB] [pdf]

4b. Application form and accompanying forms [22.9 KB] [docx]

5. User Evidence Statement Form [33.6 KB] [docx]

6. Submission Checklist [24.2 KB] [docx]

Information and documents for Landowners and Occupiers:

7. Claim Guidance for Landowners [93.7 KB] [pdf]

8. Landowner Occupier Statement Form [48.0 KB] [docx]

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