Improving my child's attendance


Putting your foot down isn’t always easy but 100% attendance should be every parent’s goal. So be a pushy parent – get them to school.

It’s important for your child to attend school every day, otherwise they miss vital hours of learning and struggle to catch up. There are plenty of ways to meet this target. Keep on track with the guidance below and don’t let the side down.

Alarm didn’t go off? Missed the bus? Taking a day off for a birthday or event?

It can be easy to find excuses for your child to not be in school all day, every day. But don’t forget, even 95% attendance means your child misses almost two weeks of valuable lessons every year.

How does your child’s attendance compare over the year?

Attendance Days absence Weeks absence Lessons missed
95% 9 days 2 weeks 45 lessons
90% 19 days 4 weeks 95 lessons
85% 29 days 6 weeks 145 lessons

Source: Department for Education

There are things you can do to improve your child’s attendance

A good night’s sleep

Children and young people need their sleep. The NHS recommends 6–13 year olds have 9–11 hours sleep, and teenagers 9 hours sleep per night. Try turning off electronic devices two hours before bedtime.

Being more organised

Make the morning routine less rushed. Is your child’s uniform and equipment ready the night before? How is your child getting to school? What are they having for breakfast? Is the alarm set?

“I don’t want to go to school”

It’s important your child understands that going to school every day isn’t optional.

If you think bullying, anxiety or social exclusion is the reason your child doesn’t want to attend, please speak to the school – they will be able to help.