Permanent exclusion from school

Permanent exclusion means the pupil is not allowed to return to the school he or she is being excluded from.

How does the exclusion process work?

Only the head teacher (or, in the absence of the head teacher, the most senior teacher) can exclude a pupil.

If the head teacher decides to exclude your child, the school will contact you by telephone as soon as possible. The school will write to you within 24 hours of the decision explaining:

  • the reason why your child has been excluded
  • your right to make representations to the Governing Body about the decision to permanently exclude your child.

The school will also contact East Sussex County Council. We will write to you with a further explanation of your rights and information about your child’s future education.

Your child's future education

During the first five days of your child’s exclusion, the school must provide them with work and arrange for it to be marked.

Following this, we will arrange for alternative educational provision for your child.

The Governing Body meeting

Within 15 school days of the start of the exclusion, the Governing Body must meet to decide whether to uphold the exclusion decision. You are strongly advised to attend this meeting. You can present your case against the exclusion yourself, or ask a friend or legal representative to speak on your behalf.

Can I challenge the decision to exclude my child?

If the Governing Body confirms the decision to exclude your child permanently, you can apply to East Sussex County Council or the relevant Academy for an Independent Review Panel hearing to review the decision of the governing body not to reinstate your child.

You will be sent information about how to apply for a review hearing, following the meeting of the Governing Body.

If you wish to apply you must complete and return the relevant form, together with any supporting information, within 15 school days of the Governing Body meeting to:

The School Appeals Manager
County Hall
St Anne’s Crescent
BN7 1UE.

Independent review panels

Independent review panels have the power to:

  • uphold the exclusion decision
  • recommend that the Governing Body reconsiders the decision or
  • reject the decision and direct that the Governing Body considers the exclusion again.

You can present your case against the exclusion yourself, or ask a friend or legal representative to speak on your behalf.

The decision of the panel is binding on the pupil, parents, Governing Body, headteacher, local authority and (in the case of an Academy) Academy Trust.

What happens after a permanent exclusion?

Once the outcome of the exclusion process has been decided, we will look at the long term placement of your child. The future education provision will depend on their age, circumstances and how close they are to completing their education.

Your child will receive support from the Education Support, Behaviour and Attendance Service. A Behaviour and Attendance Officer will contact you following your child’s permanent exclusion. They will discuss the options available to make sure your child receives appropriate education provision, including any preferences you have for a new school.

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