Finding the right school


Please note: for children who will transfer in September 2018 from Infant to Junior School or Primary to Secondary, or those who will be starting school for the first time – the application window will be open in mid September 2017.     

Although there is no right to choose your child’s school you do have the right to state a preference for up to three different schools that you would like your child to attend.

To help you decide which schools to apply for, you should find out as much as you can about individual schools such as how the places are allocated. You should also consider how your child will get to and from school as in most cases you will need to make the arrangements. See Part 1 of the Apply for a school booklet for useful guidance.

Look for details about individual schools in East Sussex, including website links:

Find a school in East Sussex


If you need help to

  • understand the information about school admissions
  • get information in another language or format such as large print
  • find local schools
  • find someone to work through the application process with you

the Information for Families team will be happy to help.