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3. Education league tables and Ofsted reports

Ofsted reports

For direct links to a school’s latest reports, see either

Provisional local and national test results

Provisional test results for local authorities are released by the government a few months in advance of the performance tables themselves:

These early results are not broken down by school.

Achievement and attainment tables

You will find useful user guides explaining the key concepts, and year on year comparisons, behind the links to tables for schools and colleges.

There are four detailed performance tables published each year:

  • Key Stage 2 tables, published in December – test results for state primary schools
  • Key Stage 3 tables, published in March – test results for state secondary schools
  • Key Stage 4 tables, published in January – results for GCSEs and equivalent qualifications
  • Post-16 tables, published in January – with results in general and vocational AS and A levels, and other qualifications

Understanding the tables

The National Curriculum sets standards of achievement in each subject for pupils aged 5 to 14. For most subjects, these standards range from Levels 1 through to 8. Pupils progress through the levels as they get older and learn more:

  • most 7 year olds are expected to achieve Level 2
  • most 11 year olds are expected to achieve Level 4
  • most 14 year olds are expected to achieve Level 5 or 6.

For more in-depth information see BBC – League Tables

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